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ATTS is a simple and affordable, subscription based, call tracking and monitoring, system. Vital information of prospects responding to any advertisement by telephone is delivered and captured in real time. This vital information is intelligently presented via a secure website, daily or weekly, via email, or instantly, via AnswerCenter. As a  business it is imperative that you know if your advertising dollars are working for you.  With our system you have a real, unbiased view, of where your advertising dollars are best spent.  With the charts and graphs at your fingertips, you have access to real knowledge via the website.                    

With atts you not only know where the most strategic places to put your advertising dollars are, but additionally have information about all of your callers, right at your fingertips. You'll know if they're on the do not call list, how many rings before someone answered the phone, address of caller, phone numbers of callers, how long the conversation lasted, and the entire recorded  conversation, and so much more. The database this system will generate for your company offers you an endless stream of marketing opportunities.

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