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Former Auto Dealer's claim; "We've got the answers"

Tim Noyce with A.T.I. says...
"I got my feet wet in the auto industry myself.. fresh out of college. "You know what I hated?"..., sitting on my @$$!"

I hated that! Even today I can drive up to any dealership and see most of the salesmen sitting around doing nothing. “Got your thank you cards filled out?”.... "yuup"...., Got your phone calls made?..."Yuup".   Time to sit around and wait for the floor ups! Seriously, that’s how it is right? It's no different today than ten years ago, but there is a patent pending program that is different. It's revolutionary, really... It will change the way consumers look for a car.

Not only does the patent pending program cut marketing costs, if you implement the program monthly, it generates enough car buyers to keep those guys busy! Real buyers! People in the market right now for a car... I’m talking about consumers who saw your advertisement and proceeded to view your inventory…, actually look at the vehicles...Now those are real car buyers right ? To know the name, email and phone number of a customer browsing your inventory? That’s strong… Your Internet manager can't manage these leads alone.

A.T.I. is a different lead service provider. Unlike Auto Trader or, who simply post inventory.



Their email marketing program is so unique there is a patent pending on it, and they won't even send it to a dealer without a NDA/Gentlemens agreement.

You know you want to know what it is... Give Kirk a call - 1-866-673-5476. He'll be happy to show you.... If you can't reach him, ask for Roberta - She created the program and has flown all over the country consulting for auto dealers. (not to mention she was an auto dealer herself and had the #1 Internet department in her 6 state region, because of her marketing background and experience!)

As we've said, they can't show you the Patent Pending program without a NDA/gentleman's agreement, but you can check out some of the mailers they have sent out in the past here: Mail UN-Staffed Events. They actually do use this patent pending Email Marketing program in the events but the monthly program is how we get the guys off their keesters! Want more info? Call or Email.


Bob Jones - Auto Marketing Review
June, 29, 2013

Corporate Office

Corporate Offices
Lighton Tower Plaza
7500 College Blvd, Suite 500
Overland Park, KS 66210
Local: 913-693-7669
Toll Free: 1-866-673-5476 


California Office
Miracle Mile
5670 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1800 
Los Angeles, Califorinia 90036
Toll Free: 1-866-673-5475
By appointment only

SE KS Office

Southeast KS Office
CSS Office 

2200th Street
Iola, KS 66749
Local: 1-620-757-5550

City Central Place

City Central Place 
Regus Center

400 S. 4TH STREET, SUITE 500
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
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