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  • How do I make my website more visable?
    Search engine work is a very good first step to take, when searching for a dealership the person doing the search engine work should know what key phrases people are using to find you so you get the highest return on your investment. For information on other easy things to do to be more visable, give us a call.
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  • My website is old but still works, is that okay?
    With the amount of exciting information to look at on the internet if you don't capture someones attention, you will be closed out of. You must have the best "web presence" you can to keep people looking at your site. Your site is your "Virtual Showroom", and should reflect the image of you business you want your clients to see. It should be interested with many invitational opportunities to capture your customers contact information.
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  • My vehicles are updated once a month is that enough?
    No. You should always have the vehicles that you actually have on the loton your website, as quickly as possible.
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  • Is my auto responder good enough to get customers interest?
    No. Although an autoresponder is a good first step, you need to send a more personal "Video E-mail" so your customer feels a since of obligation to you. With Video Email they put a face to the emails and realize someone making an effort to locate the vehicle they desire.
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  • I don't have anyway to capture information, do I need something?
    YES!!You need several lead generators to encourage your customers to give you their contact information. 30 Second Credit Approval, Vitual Inventory, Build Your Car, Name Your Price and our Spin In Savings Voucher are all good examples of lead generators we offer.
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  • Can I really make money via the internet?
    ABSOLUTELY!!!!I cannot stress this point enough. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people are searching the web before ever stepping foot into a dealership? Do you want some of those customers?
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  • Are premiums a helpful salestool?
    Yes!! Why would I want to buy my next vehicle from you when you have the same cars as the guy down the road? Because you have done something you didn't have to do, you gave me a vacation premium or a $1000.00 shopping spree. You are in a very competitive field and anything you can do to bring your dealership to a level above the guy next door is going to help you in the long run.
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  • Is a "call capturing" tool really a necessity?
    Yes!! Wouldn't you want the information of the people that are calling you? Don't you want to know how the salesperson handled themselves on all calls? Don't you want to know what advertising is working the best? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need this tool..
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  • How can I set-up a successful internet department?
    Call us, we can help you set-up your department. With consulting we can go into your dealership and implement the right tools and processes to turn your computer into a money making machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..
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  • How much should I allocate for the internet department?
    You need to allocate as much for the internet as you do for other mediums. Why spend all your marketing budget on the radio or t.v. when 8 out of 10 people are going to the internet first?
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  • How much should I pay my internet manager?
    Your internet manager should have a reasonable base salary and commissions on all sales that originated from the internet.
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  • How does the ineternet manager prove the buy originated over the net?
    Your internet manager should keep up to date records on everyone that visited the website, all conversations via e-mail, video e-mail and telephone. If a customer prints and brings in the pop-up certificate, that customer is from the internet and the I.M should get paid on them also
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