This inventory controlled Virtual Long Drive Golf Marketing Game is engaging current or potential golfers with a fun mobile or desktop game. A Lead Generation game acquiring names and email addresses of consumers that are new or familiar with your brand is just one of the benefits.

Use this tool to drive people to your Golf Course with either prizes, coupons or both. Either way, they will have a positive brand experience and it is fun to play.


‘Imagine this Digital Golf Game re-branded with your golf course photos and
company logo, or custom branding’

How to play this Virtual Golf Game Demo:

1. Tap the Golf Ball
2. Optional data collection had been turned off for the demonstration
3. Enjoy the golf game

Optional Player Result:
A custom branded email or SMS can be sent to the player’s email address with instructions on how to redeem their prize or coupons!

There are many ways to design a Golf game. We first need to know where the game will reside, a website, a tablet, or for a big screen or every device This is an example of a typical responsive website style game. There are many other ways to present the game. We offer full-screen games and tablet-specific sized games.

All games are custom branded to your business. It is best to have a conversation about the Digital Golf game. Give us a call toll-free at 1-866.673.5476.

Your Virtual Long Drive Golf Marketing Game will be branded to your Golf Course or Event.

Creative and fun online Virtual Long Drive Golf games you can be certain that your online marketing efforts are provided with great efficiency in order to get more customers and visit your website and location. This also a highly successful method of driving organic traffic to your site while helping your brand become well recognized in the marketplace. Through brand engagement as well as awareness experiences, customers are actually satisfied to receive such service online.

Improve rates on ad response, turbo charge your Lead generation and click through rateas! The Virtual Long Drive Golf  Game will significantly increase since people are excited about the prizes they will win the online games provided. The best things about these interactive gaming platforms are that it is convenient to use since you can use your mobile, computer or any other device in order to play these online games. If you are looking for ways to successfully improve your sales through incentives.

Game Features

  • You set the odds and the inventory amounts for each prize level.
  • Collect contact data
  • Branded to your business
  • Self managed or managed promotions
  • Anti-Fraud mechanics

Variations & Add-Ons

  • Unique Play Code/Validation Code to Play
  • Bar Code or Bar Code Numbers in Emails
  • Display Coupon Codes On-Screen
  • Points per email address calculations
  • Facebook Tab Pages
  • Mobile / Tablets Web Browser App
  • Kiosk with Printing
  • Interactive Advertisements
  • Convert email to SMS
  • SMS Autoreply to Play

Game Options

  • Contact Data Collection
  • Send a branded email to all players
  • One play per IP address
  • One play per email address
  • One play per day
  • Offer from one prize level to all five
  • Full Screen Display
  • Mobile/Tablet Compatible
  • Facebook Applications
  • Custom Game Development

For Small & Big Brands

From small businesses to fortune 100 companies, Brand Gaming is being leveraged by smart companies Internationally. We’re proud of the success our customers have achieved through the use of our products.
We help businesses grow by creating more meaningful brand experiences.

General Questions


Known Issues:

Being all things to every possible device, operating system and the web browser is a very difficult thing to do.  There may be times that the design images aren’t perfect.  We don’t know of any specific issues.

Q) How many times can someone play?

The player can play equal to the number of codes you have given, or he has purchased.

Q) What are the probabilities of winning?

A) That depends on your prize inventory. How many prizes you offer within each prize level and number of golfers. We set how many of each prize level and the maximum amount of players per tournament.

Q) How many prizes or coupons can I have?

A) Thats is a two part question. There are five prize levels and a losing level.  You set inventory values for each level. If no losers the inventory is zero. Then there is the overall volume of inventory. That will depend on the account setup after we speak with you. 

Q) How will I know what people have won and who they are?

A) You will log into the secure administrative area and export the Excel file that records the player’s name, email address prize, IP address and the date and time that they played.

Q) Can I run two games at once?
A) Yes and No. You are purchasing a single license to operate one game at a time. You may restart the game as often as you would like. To run multiple games you will need multiple licenses.

Q) Can the games and colors be customized?
A) Yes. The marketing games are very versatile. Every image of every game is replaceable.  The core technology is in place. Building a custom application is generally possible.

Q) What web browsers do people need to play the virtual marketing games?
A) The marketing game will perform best with Internet Explorer 11, FireFox, Mozilla based browsers, and Safari (for Mac users)

Q) What Devices will the game run on?
A) All.  SAme as above  and our games run in the web browser so there is nothing needed to download

Q) Can this be translated into other languages?
A) Yes. Depending on the game. Some are harder than other. We’ll need to see about it.. There may be some limitations. Contact us for details. If you wish to have it translated, please translate the text prior.

Q) Why would I choose to use the barcodes or unique identifiers?
A) This is an option for those that need such systems.  Using barcodes and/or unique identifiers helps keep control over the usage. Once a barcode or unique identifier is used it gets taken out of the system so it can not be used again.

Q) How do I create barcodes and/or Unique Identifiers?
A) Most Point of Sale programs will have a system to export Coupon Codes. This is ideal for any business that does not want to allow “Copies”. If your point of sales system doesn’t offer that we will direct you to some websites that can generate random numbers.
Kiosk, Swipe, Touch & Auto-Print:

Q) What is a kiosk?
A) A kiosk is a free standing computer within a cabinet. It could simply be an computer with a nice monitor on a counter top with internet connection, or a high-end cabinet purchased from a kiosk dealer.

Q) If I have the game on my website, can it also be used on the kiosk?
A) Yes, you would be using the same exact game that is on your website. All the data would go in the same database.

Q) Why would a kiosk be practical?

A) Using a kiosk in your location gets people to use it while they are there instead of just at home. They could win a prize and use it right away, or to enhance frequent purchasing offer them a little something on their next visit.

Q) How is the touch screen monitor useful?
A) The touch screen monitor is useful because it saves space. You don’t have to clutter up your counter space with a keyboard and mouse.