FAQ & Benefits
1. Capture the Callers information in real time all the while building a   priceless lead Database of   prospective buyers.  This database will allow you to have your customers contact information, when they last called, and what you discussed. You can not place a value on a database. Not only will a database, improve and measuring marketing programs, it will additionally provide you with an avenue to manage your customer relationships, develop customer intimacy and describing the extent of marketing successes to senior management. The possibilities for marketing directly to this database are endless. Where could you obtain a database more valuable than the one of callers who you already know is interested in your product or service?

2. Call Recording 

  • Liability:  In today’s “sue happy world” you must take the proper measures to protect you and your company from “frivolous” lawsuits.  With A.T.T.S. you’ll always have the recording to verify what was said, and what was not.
  • Conversation recorded to manage customer service, avoid miss sales opportunities due to "Missed Calls", and or "Miss handled" Calls.

3. Export Data Option: With the Export tool in your system, with the click of your mouse you are able to mail out follow up letters, hank you cards, monthly specials etc. You may also Export the information into Excel, Lead Management Systems etc. In fact, we can integrate your incoming calls with your current lead management system!

4. Advertising Tracking -Track your Marketing ROI:  When you put our “tracking numbers” in your marketing you can look at and print all the graphs you need to see/prove your marketing.  No longer will you have to put together graphs and pie charts, your system takes care of that for you.

5. Lead Manager:  Your new system can very easily be used as a lead management system if you do not currently have access to one.  When someone calls, you can log into your account and add notes to the Detailed Call Report. After entering notes, your system changes the look of the call, so you view the report and identify who needs attention.

6. Control your number:  With our system, you are able to login and forward your number.  Log in and forward your numbers to your cell phone. Log back in and forward it back to the original number.  You can do this as often as you like, so you will never miss your customers calls again.

7. Listen to your voicemail or answering machine: After your system starts recording, it records the rings, the call, and if your answering machine picks up, it records the message left.  You are able to login from anywhere and listen to your messages!

8. Blacklist:  If you have toll free numbers, chances are you receive many telemarketing calls.  With our system, you are able to login, and “blacklist” these numbers. Why pay for someone to solicit you?
Important Facts

9. Campaign Summary:  This report shows you how many calls and unique callers you had per month and how long the average call was.

10. Search Tool: Use this tool to find a caller or call, either by name or phone number.

11. Log in Method:  Different access levels determined by you. Log in from anywhere including your mobile phone.

12. Never miss another call: With our system you will not only have the ability to forward a line to another to avoid missing a call, but should you opt to not forward your numbers, you will still be able to log in and see the data from all incoming calls at any time. The calls will be there for you to manage – call back, review, etc.  

13. Sort Feature: Sort your calls by Campaign-Time Stamp-Ring Count-Minutes:  call list-Caller ID (numerical)-Name Address City State Zip. - Export into excel spreadsheet format instantly.

14. Toll free:  We can assign you toll free numbers from our pool of numbers in seconds.

15. Local numbers: In most markets, we can assign local “tracking” numbers. Why only capture the incoming calls from toll free numbers when you are able to capture the caller information and record calls from your local number? It’s important to track all incoming calls for a true marketing ROI.

16. Vanity Numbers: We can assign Vanity numbers   If the number is available, we can get it.

17. Port numbers:  We can “port” any or all of your current toll free numbers into our system, making them “tracking” numbers. We won't turn it on until all numbers are ported so you never miss a call during the port process.

18. Track your personnel:  See if your salespeople/receptionists are representing your company in your best interest, and treating the customers like you would want them to.

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